Transformations do not only fail because they are badly executed. Your company’s ecosystem better be ready for the Agile changes about to be brought into a running system. If you don't stop rubber-stamping your Transformation, your company will.

It’s about the entire Ecosystem

During an organisational transition, you will encounter aspects of your organisation like…

How to get from T-shape to Mastery

We come across a fair amount of worries concerning T-shaping. The to be T-shaped worry that they will be forced to shape into something they don’t want to be. Management, who would like T-shaped people, worry about resistance when T-shaping. We think they might be worrying about the wrong things.


Scrum is simple but not easy. A while ago, we encountered a team that was a complicated mixture of Scrum and several rather non-Agile practices. Roles all mixed up or added, events skipped or jumbled together, resulting in quite an unhappy bunch of people in and surrounding the team.


Impediment removal is one of the main tasks of a Scrum master. Everything that hinders the team from delivering customer value faster is an impediment. Very important but also very broad and a bit vague. How to remove these impediments?

It depends

Just like with the implementation of stories there is no…

I actually don’t like the definition of ready. The concept where stories are only considered for planning if they comply with a certain set of predefined rules. We can’t have the same binary like checks as in the definition of done. So if we want to treat it like the…

Martijn Oost

Natural born Agilista, Lean product thinker, design journey maker.

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